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Why us?

Why Sweet Home California is the right place?

Affordable prices

Moving to California can be very expensive. Most places can legally charge a security deposit worth two month’s rent on top of first month’s rent. At Sweet Home California, security deposit is only $200! Our Accommodations are a particularly convenient and cheaper option for the residents to stay.

Exclusive services

We offer the best types of rooms and location plus some additional services that are not anywhere in the neighborhood. Just give it a try, apply for such a room as early as possible, so we can take your request into account! We are at your service.

No minimum contract

Leasing contracts at most places require at least one year minimum term. At Sweet Home California, no contracts are required! What we offer is a month-to-month rental period to live in our Accommodations!

Move in just with a suitcase!

Our place provides beds, full bedding set, desks, chairs, kitchens equipped with refrigerators, cooking ranges, utensils, Wi-Fi and TV!

Make friends all over the world in one place

Enjoy the wonderful experience to share a place with people from different nationalities! That will help you to have an idea of each country culture and habits!

You don’t know the area?

Don’t worry, we are there for you: Sweet Home California will provide you with a map showing the shopping plazas, grocery stores, pharmacies, dining places. All the Accommodations are located next the bus stop or Metro Station. Moreover, we offer Support Services such as Airport Pickup and Cell Phone Plan. Check it out on how it can be helpful for you!

Live-in Manager Assistance

The accommodations are supervised at all times. A Live-in staff resides in the dormitory to help residents deal with residential issues. Also, maintenance is immediately provided whenever needed.

There’s no way to get bored in California

There’s something for everyone: you can go surfing, snowboarding, mountain hiking and riding a dunes buggy in the desert. We are also conveniently surrounded by shopping, dining, entertainment and all the major attraction such as Hollywood, Disneyland and Universal Studios. The list of things to do in California is endless!